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Medical Travelling

Choosing the best or the cheapest requires a travel in most cases. If you like it cheap, southern Europe would be your destination. For the highest quality travel to Zürich, Switzerland (ZRH) or our German partner clinics in Berlin (BER), Frankfurt (FRA) or Duesseldorf (DUS). Let us assist your travel planning. Check Travel Plans...

England patient typical local time pattern:

08:00 LHR - DUS with British Airways®
11:00 Start of lipo surgery
16:00 DUS - LHR with Lufthansa®
20:00 After treatment chill on the sofa @home

Dubai patient typical local time pattern:

08:40 DXB - ZRH with Emirates®
15:30 Lipo Shift®
20:00 Hotel Hyatt Regency Airport 1 night
15:25 Landing in Dubai and travel home
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Lipo Shifting®

We treat the tissue in Lipo Spaces - outbound or inbound - like #liquidgold. Lipocenter Standards respect the needs of fat, so called lipo tissue. The treatments of Lipo Spaces starts way before and ends weeks after the surgery. For an optimum result this is valid with and without tissue transplantation. The digging procedure and the out-of-body period is extraordinarily important in matters of time and atmosphere for a high planting success rate. Lipocenter has developed the Smart Spray® technology and the Lipo Gas® atmosphere for optimum results.

Lipo Procedures:
SSAL Digging
and Planting

Esthetic lipo surgery and non-surgical procedures by the German market leader

We honor the work of
Giorgio Fischer, Rome, Italy
Sydney R. Coleman, NY, US
Gerhard Sattler, Darmstadt, Germany and
Roger K. Khouri, FL, USA.
These outstanding medical doctors and researchers have their great share on Lipocenters scientific position about lipo tissue. We are deeply thankful.
Lipocenters focus on truth driven scientific knowledge about subcutaneous fat tissue to an outstanding level. With procedures we are able to steer the number adipocytes as well as its lipid fill grade. Also we can treat the supporting fiber tissue directly. Read more...

The fundamental understanding of subcutaneous tissue leads to a "150 %" survival rate at Lipocenter Lipo Shifting® procedures. Besides the high standardized autologous fat transfer we have developed top modern body fillers with different characterics and never seen lasting natural effects. That our eyes and hands emphasis on strategic esthetic does not need to be mentioned.

Read Lipocenter Standards
Choose Lipo
Spaces and
set costs

Glass clear pricing

The liposurgery cost calculator which shows all possible Lipo Spaces for cropping or planting. The systematic pricing is a transparent and fair scheme. Fair means, that we sell time instead of worth. This keeps our bills, despite our quality position, in a well acceptable range. Calculate your surgery costs pls by counting the affected Lipo Spaces, add 1 and multiply it by the standard rate. Different taxes at different locations do apply.

Liposurgery Cost Calculator

Hip Dip Correction and Butt Enhancement (Natural BBL)

Lipocenter Lipotransfer procedures are anatomical and thus safe, esthetic and permanent. There will be no graft survival question and we never had a single reported fat embolism. Optimal results will be reached with more than one procedure at a Lipo Space. Please read the Lipocenter Standards, which represents our fat bible.

BBL Procedure Hipdip Procedure

Gentle and effective lipedema therapy

The "Lipedema" is not an Lipocenter invention. Certain symptoms cause the lipedema syndrome, which has been misused agressively in order to make women feel as victims. By lipfluencing women with unwelcomed fat tissue have been brought to mostly simply money making liposuction procedures by surgeons without thorough understanding of female fatty and fiber tissue.

Make the best with your lipedema...

Telemedical consultations

After reading the Standards find your specific Lipo procedure. All possibilities are mentioned. When you do not find the procedure you desire, it is not a procedure offered by Lipocenter. That does not mean, you will not find somebody who does the something which is supposed to make you happy. Read more...

Keep in mind, there is no one with more experience in esthetic liposurgery. In a consultation you no Lipocenter crewmember wants to sell anything to you besides the procedure, which are highly standardized. We do not want to persuade you to anything. The only acceptable patient relation is a happy patient 6 to 12 month after the procedure.

When everything is clear and you want to comply with Lipocenter Standards, you may book your surgery slot ahead. Then we will do a reverse planning of the exact procedure and find a suitable telemedical consultation opportunity for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find the answer on our pages, please message us anytime directly. All Body Jet liposuction topics will be collected on the FAQ page.

How many kilograms fat can you remove?

Or, how many liters per liposuction can be sucked? These questions represent the no-knowledge of the questioner. As liposuction, especially WAL water-jet assisted liposuction, is a shaping body contouring procedure, there is no enlightening answer to this FAQ. If a patient carries 100 kg of fat we most probably could remove many liters, but this is not the approach of Lipocenter. We do take care about an aesthetic optimum. Body weight can be treated by life-style.

Liposuction - How much? - What cost?

Our pricelist gives you a reliable orientation about our prices. For an individual estimation we need to know you. Please send two fotos with your whish. Please realize, that shaping surgeries are stepwise procedures. Each step is to be priced. If possible put your whishes in steps as the standardized Lipo Shiftings are designed. The common combinations are found via the menu and are mentioned within the procedure description. Surgeries on more than three body locations will not meet Lipocenter standards.

Will my skin sag after liposuction?

This question is too general. If your skin sags before liposuction, afterwards it will not be like porcellan. But, when the total procedure is followed according Lipocenter Standars your skin will retract more then you dared to hope. But of course less then whished. Please send a foto and info about previous max weight and perceived procedures to get our estimation of tucking probability.