Leg Shaping by Waterjet Liposuction

Liposuction Knees

The knees represent the lower end of the thighs. This knee attribute might seem not worth mentioning, but the weight of the complete leg skin is the cause for leg skin being sagged towards a gravitation center below your knees. As the subcutaneous fat layer is the main storage for body-water, this puts additional weight on the knee region. As stored water amplifies the tendency for growth of fat tissue and vice versa, there is a self-containing circulus which could be reset significantly by liposuction of the knee area.

might be reasons for a liposuction of knees.

Knee fat removing is Leg Shaping

For a good result a sufficient lipo digging without over-thinning the skin has to be carried out. It is important to extend the liposuction to the forward and inner thigh. In total half of the thigh plus the knee has to be treated for an optimal outcome.

Knee fat is liquid gold for Lipo Shifting

In case of a significant planned weight reduction the tissue shrinking in face, at the breasts and butt cheeks have to be thought of. In general a mild weight reduction after a liposuction procedure is mandatory as after care.

Liposuction:WAL / SSAL
Duration:150 min
Clinic stay:outpatient
Anaesthesia:local numbing or general
After care:lymphatic self-drainage
Sport:from day 7
Costs:Click here
Clinics:Zuerich, Frankfurt, Berlin

Liposuction Knees with Waterjet Tech

Waterjet liposuction to knees is the mildest though aesthetic most efficient fat removing technique. Besides manual digging of wetted tissue there will be no high energy like laser, ultrasound or mechanical motor-slicer be used. This spares tiny blood and lymphatic vessels, saves the connective tissue from over-reacting and scaring. With the right after care the conditions for skin retraction are optimal after a professional waterjet liposuction of the knee area.

Consultation topics

Please send one front- and one side-photo. Use the contact form or DM on Insta lipocenter.europe State your health status and list your previous lipo treatments to your legs and knees when you ask for a telemedical consultation. To avoid a long pre-op waiting time you may non-commitally reserve a lipo surgery slot for leg shaping liposuction at your favourite location ahead.