Liposuction Double Chin

Face: Liposuction Chin and Neck

The lower face and chin-neck-transition may contain more and fuller fat cells than wished. There might be

Removing fat of the chin-face-neck region

WAL waterjet liposuction with a Body Jet® and a thin face cannula in the hands of a practiced lipo surgeon can well remove excessive fat and set optimal conditions for a partial retraction of exzessive skin. A re-bonding of the skin to the chin-neck-contour will form an aesthtic chin-neck-angle in many cases.

Liposuction:WAL / SSAL
Duration:60 min
Clinic stay:outpatient
Anaesthesia:local numbing
After care:lymphatic self-drainage
Sport:from day 7
Costs:Click here
Clinics:Zuerich, Frankfurt, Berlin

Liposuction Neck-Chin-Area and lower face

Consultation topics

Please send one front- and one side-photo. Use the contact form or DM on Insta lipocenter.europe State your health status and list your previous treatments to your greater chin area when you ask for a telemedical consultation. To avoid a long pre-op waiting time you may non-commitally reserve a lipo surgery slot for face-chin-neck contouring at your favourite location ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use chin fat for a fat transfer?

No. The amount of fat in this regions is too small for any serious fat transfer.