What is Lipocenter?

Lipocenter - a brand of Lloydmed GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland, for Euro locations outside Germany and Lloyd Medical GmbH & Co. KG, Duesseldorf, Germany, for our Germany bound patients - is the leading European, quality-focused, multi location clinic with a mono-specialization in surgery of the subcutaneous fat-and-fiber-tissue. Our surgical operations are designed to form and size the body contour by steering the amount and fill grade of adipocytes (fat cells) as well as strengthening or relaxing the fiber parts of the subdermal lipo layer. By top-of-the-notch treatments the skin surface is impacted directly. The brand Lipocenter was founded in 2000 by Jan Sandmann, MD.

Our Codex

Ethical mission statement

As lipo-surgery is luxury we carry the highest responsibility for accepting no single minimal unavoidable risk to the health or aesthetic appearance of our patients. All business partners, doctors, employees and patients have to stick to the truth, act ethically impeccable and use highest achievable knowledge to focus only on the best possible result of voluntarily selected surgical treatments without harming anybodies biological or financial integrity.

Truth and realism

In the field of aesthetic medicine unfortunately the truth is not a common fellow. Fake news, fake followers, fake likes and filters are used by the average plastic surgeon. Sometimes only lack of experience hides the doctors high aim of truthfulness. Misleading information about liposuction volumes or senseless hope-selling by providing various techniques (e. g. "vibration"-called hedge-trimmer-like motor PAL, Laser, Ultrasound, Radiofrequency, Plasma, ...), often associated to wow-prices, are typical. Lipocenter does not support Lipedema-fairy-tales of self-cultivating fat depots. Neither we promise a total removal or market "It will be removed forever". Lipocenter states clearly that every lipo space is a storage of hydrocarbonized energy. We will unfortunately not transform a belly-trunk-type to a butt-leg-type person. We do the best modification, but we do not aim for unrealistic expectations.


Our customers know what to expect. There are no "fine prints", hidden infos or cost additionals for extra services. If you miss any information, please contact us and we will put general questions to the FAQ page if we cannot send you the link to your request.

Lipocenter Standards

Lipocenter Bible

Lipo Spaces

Lipocenter defines 3-dimensional tissue parts and names these Lipo Spaces. Most Lipo Spaces (1 - 3% skin surface) require the same effort to form the body, some need less and very few need more time and experience to treat. Lipo Spaces can be excavated or filled. Some Lipo Spaces should only be treated in combination for an optimal result. Also, some combinations will not lead to an optimum experience for patients. Acceptance of this knowledge-by-experience by our surgeons and patients allows only procedures according to Lipocenter Standards.

Amount and combination of Lipo Spaces

Not more than 20% of the skin surface shall be digged in one operation. This equals, depending by its size 8 to 12 Lipo Spaces. These described areas have to be next to each other, not widely seperated.


Incisions have to be as few as possible at hidden positions, as short as possible and large enough to let the cannula slide in and out easily. The closure of these incision has to be done by adhesive bandages, in no case with self-dissolving stitches.

Extension and transition of Lipo Spaces

For an aesthetic result there shall be no borders to Lipo Spaces. Areas have to be generously extended for smooth transitions and best skin retraction.

Digging liquid gold

Body fat is a very much appreciated tissue. It is smart to have it for energy, function and aesthetic reasons.

Skin thickness and evenness

After liposuction the thickness of the skin including the subcutaneous fat layer shall be even. To achieve that certain movement patterns for the cannula have to be followed and checked by time, so that by repetition at the counter-side a symmetric result can be assured. Regardless if the surgeon is right- or left-handed.

Perimedical medication

Metamizol, Paracetamol, Piritramid, Lidocaine, Prilocaine, Ropivacaine, Adrenaline and Bicarbonate have to be timely adapted during the procedure for optimal patient comfort and an top planting success rate in case of Lipo Shifting.

Drying of treatment areas and compression

The water supply at the end of the liposuction time has to be reduced to dry the digged Lipo Spaces. After surgery residual water will be massaged out of the tissue by the nurse.

Lipo Shifting

Maximum survival rate of implanted tissue

Due to extensive research and exclusive methods (e.g. SSAL, Lipo Gas Atmosphere) which sounds in 2023 like Starship Enterprise to a Plasticsurgeon, we are used to fat tissue survival rates after transplantation way above 100%. Regardless of autologue or allogeneic strategy.

Minimum weight for digging of lipo tissue

As a specialized facility we are used to patients weighing not more than 45 kg. We do successful Lipo Shiftings on super-light patients and do not worry about dents or liposucked holes. All patients with a BMI of less then 20 should be aware that repairs after bad liposuction results will be very limited and expensive also.

After Care

After surgery your doctor can be reached by telephone.


Lipocenter surgeons have performed more then 10.000 liposuctions, mostly in local anesthesia. Patients like being in control of themselves, can help the surgeon by positioning and will be able to walk home or to the airport right out of the surgery room.

If patients whish general anesthesia we provide highest standard general anesthesia by own anesthesiologists or selected partner medical doctors. Due to daily routine we will reach the most unreachable regions for body-contouring also on sleeping patients.

Preparation for way out of the clinic

If your flight leaves about three hours after the end of your surgery, this is a great travel plan. Usually less than one hour after the surgeon leaves the operation room, we have you fit and dry enough for travel home without pain.

Advice by third parties

Follow the advice of your surgeon. Ignore all other advices. There is no need to gain fat before a fat transfer. There is no need to eat a lot after fat transfer. There is no need for a BBL pillow or seating prohibition ever. This is valid for Lipocenter patients only.