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Medical Travelling

Why travel for surgery?

If you like a good pizza, do you expect that at the food-court in the mall? You may buy shoes in the supermarket, but a once ruined body never gets a second chance for a first-time good Lipo. We do not enjoy to see that daily in repair surgeries.

Surgeons are good at what they do, if they

All expertise bundles in the surgeon. A knowledge-based organization behind supports the optimal result for aesthetic surgies. Lipocenter operates 8 Body Jet water-jet systems for WAL procedures at 5 "fat-only" locations. We do not know of a larger clinic for lipo surgery in Europe or on other continents. If your body should not take risk of a sub-optimal lipo surgery, travel.

This page is being set up slowly as the evangelists have to spend most time in the surgery rooms. Lipocenter does not accept a non-experienced-surgeon-written content for serious mind building. For early information you may visit and use the translation function.

Smart Spray Assisted Lipos

Modified water-jet technology

With experience of many thousands lipo procedures we adapted routines, techniques, after care, medications and procedures for reasons of skin evenness, skin retraction and planting success rate.

Lipocenter Locations

Our non-pomp facilities are located for easy travel.