Lipo transfer within the same body

Lipo Shifting®

Typical Lipo Shifting areas

For body conturing of butts and shaping of hips or for a natural breast augmentation by fat transfer a body surface area of minimum four palm-sizes should be used for digging. For a butt or breast augmentation by fat two operations with digging from the thighs should be planned. Many clients ask for liposuction of the lower belly for fat transplantation, but they should realize that due to the 2 x 360 degree circumferentiae of the thighs this is the ideal area for lipo digging / harvesting fat.

Lipo Shifting:WAL / SSAL
Duration:120 min
Clinic stay:outpatient
Anaesthesia:local numbing or general
After care:lymphatic self-drainage
Sport:from day 7
Costs:Click here
Clinics:Zuerich, Frankfurt, Berlin

Survival rate of fat transfer

A fat transfer procedure is not standardized as a Lipocenter Lipo Shifting. The fat graft survival or reception rate can not be generalized because different surgeons have different success rates. Variables with effect to the fat reception rate after Lipo Shifting:

Fat survival rates after a Lipo Shifting autologue fat transfer is about 100%

If 200 ml fat #liquidgold per breast is implanted you will realize a volume increase per breast of about 240 ml due to local anaesthesia fluid and swelling immediately after the surgery. When the implant contains about 15% water, a breast size reduction of about 70 ml within three weeks would show a 100% survival rate. Due to adipose stem cell proliferation we often have a gain of more then 170 ml.

Is fat transfer on skinny persons possible?

Yes, not enough fat on a healthy woman is rarely a problem when harvesting. How many regions have to be sucked of? As a Lipocenter Standard we do not use muliple regions for harvesting if that is not absolutely necessary. As a rule we might extend one dual-sided Lipo Space for digging, but we do not open new sites.